Growing up on the Texas coast, founder Jessica Anderson Tello is no stranger to swimwear. At times, her dresser overflowed with over 40 different bikinis and, while finding a few good ones here and there, she was never able to find her version of the perfect bikini. As she grew older and her eye for design started to become a career path, she began to notice many holes in the market. These included outdated cuts, lack of options that included cup pads, high rise bottoms that didn’t quite fit right, one pieces that didn’t hug the curves of the body correctly, and most importantly – swimwear that looked great in photos but totally non-functional in a true beach or pool setting.

Bringing functionality and up-to-date styles together, Jessica founded 93 Play Street in 2021. She carefully designs swimwear in the most flattering cuts that make you feel like the best version of yourself while still offering the functionality of not slipping and sliding.

The confident smiles of our customers when they put on our swimwear is what inspires us to keep designing and creating more pieces that you will feel good in from the beach to an Instagram pic and anywhere in between!